Track your deals effortlessly.


The Syndicatr is a secure SaaS application that provides an easily accessible and integrated approach to tracking primary market fixed income deals. Through an intuitive interface that can be tailored to the individual desk, it provides the ability to manage the origination of multiple fixed income products across multiple divisions and lines of business within a single instance. It exposes a robust, secure REST API that provides real-time information to the rest of the fixed income technology platform to easily fit into existing processes.


  • Lack of visibility into deal pipeline
  • Incomplete pipeline data
  • Manual integration with credit, compliance, risk management and finance
  • Error prone reporting in spreadsheets

Who Uses It?

Key Benefits

  • Reduced errors through automation
  • Increased visibility through centralized deal management
  • Increased data quality through process integration
  • Ability to drive more revenue through analysis of historical data
  • Improved issuer experience with better pitches, more market insight, process integration and faster turnaround time on decisions
  • More efficient workforce management
  • Better integration with compliance processes and fixed income platforms